Let’s celebrate Picture books!

I am lucky enough to work in a public library and I was asked recently (just as I admiring the awesome collection of picture books I had just borrowed)…’why on earth do you borrow so many picture books when you don’t have children?!’. The short answer…. they’re awesome.

This comment got me thinking….are there more ‘grown ups’ out there who share my enthusiasm for Picture books. .

  • People who appreciate their sheer greatness and agree they can enrich our lives at any age?!
  • Others like myself who will happily and excitedly attend a picture book launch so they can meet a favourite picture book author?!
  • Library staff who use picture books as an important tool and resource in their job?

I must track them down… and make them all members of a very awesome club …..’The Picture Book’ book club.


I grew up surrounded by books, I was a real book worm from a young age. When I started working in a public library, story time sessions and sharing these wonderful books became a regular part of my job. I am reminded daily that picture books have something important to say and give to all ages. I thought that was worth celebrating.


Join our first ‘Picture Book’ book club chat on Thursday 2nd March 8pm AEST. Our theme for the month of March is ‘Aussie’ picture books .

We are super lucky to have the ultra talented Damon Young joining us to discuss Picture book awesomeness. His fun new book ‘My Brother is a Beast’ which is illustrated by the very cool Peter Carnavas will hit shelves in late February.


Keep an eye out for our next blog post for a run down on how the Book club will work and how you can join in and be part of this Picture book party!!

Nicola 🙂

twitter@mybookburrow / @Ms_NicolaMarie

One thought on “Let’s celebrate Picture books!

  1. Lauri Fortino says:

    Hi Nicola! I’m happy to have found your blog! I’m also an adult (without kids) who loves picture books. I write them too.

    I agree, picture books can be enjoyed by people of all ages and for many reasons. They really are awesome!

    I work in my local public library too and am always bringing home huge stacks of picture books to read. Love them!


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