Welcome to the #picbookbc Twitter chat!

We love picture books and we know lots of you do too! When Nicola had an idea to join picture book lovers together in a monthly Twitter chat we knew it was a great idea. Picture books are a lot of fun for kids and adults alike so why wouldn’t we want a place to share our love for picture books and discuss their various benefits and uses?

So how does the Picture Book Book Club work? 

The first Thursday of every month is Picture Book party time! At 8pm (AEST) picture book lovers will gather for a facilitated Twitter chat around a different theme every month that includes a guest author, illustrator or awesome person. The Picture Book Book Club team will lead you through a series of questions designed to explore the theme and discuss the awesomeness of picture books! For those of you who like to be prepared, we will publish the questions on our blog a few days before each chat. We will also feature blog posts from our guests so stay tuned to our blog throughout the month!

How can you join the Picture Book party?

Join our first Picture Book Book Club chat on Thursday 2nd March 8pm AEST. Our theme for the month of March is ‘Aussie’ picture books .

We are super lucky to have the ultra talented Damon Young joining us to discuss picture book awesomeness. His fun new book ‘My Brother is a Beast’ which is illustrated by the very cool Peter Carnavas will hit shelves in late February.


Tips for Twitter chat newbies!

    1. Check our blog for the questions a few days before each chat.
    2. Follow our Twitter account @picturebookbc. We will be facilitating each chat and posting each question from here.
    3. Follow the guest author for the month (they’ve got lots to share!)
    4. Follow the hashtag #picbookbc to see what everyone is tweeting
    5. Start each tweet with reference to the question you are answering e.g. Q1 is question 1, and A1 is answer 1.example-tweet
    6. Always use the #picbookbc hashtag on your tweets even when replying to a tweet.
    7. Keep an eye out for the next question tweeted by @picturebookbc so you don’t get left behind!
    8. If you missed the chat, don’t worry, we will create a Storify of each chat and post it to our blog.

Don’t let being a chat newbie stop you from following along and joining in, everyone was a beginner once and what better way to learn than with a group of people who love picture books?

We look forward to seeing you there and don’t forget to invite your friends!

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