April #picbookbc chat Questions!

Only a few days till our next #picbookbc chat, oh my! We’re certainly excited and hope you are too! In case you’ve missed it, this month’s theme is Illustrations in Picture Books. We’ll also be joined by our delightful guest, illustrator and story teller Anna Walker!

Here are the questions, to help get you prepared! We apologise for the delay in the upload of the questions as they normally go up on the Monday before the chat, oops! We’re going to blame the extreme weather we’ve been having for this one!

Q1. Who are your favourite picture book illustrators and why? What do you love about their illustrating style?

Q2. In a picture book, do you think illustrations are just as important as text? Why?

Q3. When collaborating with an author, do you think that illustrators can get overlooked?

Q4. In your experience, how have picture book illustrations changed over the years? How do you see them evolving in the future?

And we’ll wrap it all up with question time with Anna Walker, so come prepared!


If you’re unfamiliar with how the chat works head on over to our welcome post!

Join in on the fun at 8pm (AEST) on Thursday the 6 of April!

Hope to see you there!




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