The countdown is on until our June #picbookbc chat party! This month we are celebrating ‘Animals in Picture Books’ and are very lucky to have Katherine Battersby as our special guest.

animals in picture books

Katherine is the critically acclaimed author and illustrator of picture books published around the world, including Little Wing and the Squish Rabbit series. Her books have  been shortlisted for numerous awards. She also has a gorgeous new series of picture books being publishing in June with Shelly Unwin. The ‘You’re Five’ series are ‘sweet rhyming picture books that celebrate early childhood in all of its wonder and curiosity.’ She lives in Ottawa (Canada) with her super cute puppy Frank, her husband and many imaginary rabbits . Lucky for us Aussies she does frequently visit Australia to visit festivals/schools and libraries.


Here are the chat questions, to help get you prepared!

Q1.Who are some of your favourite animal characters in picture books and why? (share a photo!)

Q2.Why do you thinks animals populate so many picture books?

Q3.What are the advantages of using animals with human characteristics in picture books?

Q4.You are writing a picture book! What animal/s would you choose for the star of your story and why?

You will then have time to ask our guest Katherine Battersby questions! So put your thinking cap on!

If you’re unfamiliar with how the chat works head on over to our welcome post!

We are also running a competition this month!!! (yippppiiieee!) All you have to do to be a winner is join in with this months chat! The winner will receive a copy of Katherine Battersby’s gorgeous book ‘Little Wing’ and a limited edition ‘Picture book’ book club tote bag! Just when you thought the prize couldn’t get any more amazing….Katherine is going to put a personalised message in the book just for you! (yes total awesomeness!) . This comp is open to worldwide participants.


Kath Batt and your amazing prize! ‘Little Wing’ 🙂


Personalisation of ‘Little Wing’ from Kath Batt!


Amazeballs #picbookbc tote!

See you on Thursday evening over on our @picbookbc twitter account at 8pm! Will you be partying/tweeting on the roof and eating cake like our friend the Hippopotamus?!

hippo on roof

See you in the twittersphere party people!!! #picbookbc


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