September wrap up!


Last Thursday we packed the bucket and spade…put on our floppy hat and sunscreen..grabbed our beach bag with our favourite ‘beach’ themed picture books…. collected Kylie Howarth on the way….and had a grand ol party #picbookbc style.

We quickly discovered that ‘beach’ themed picture books are super popular.These books often remind us of holidays, families, swimming, relaxation, fun, adventure….and magic.
These are some of our favourites that we put in our beach bags…


What makes an ‘Aussie’ picture book unique? What distinctive characteristics set them apart from ones set in other countries? We agreed that picture books about beaches and sea creatures are so universal, have no race, so are relatable to many cultures.

However we have noticed that Aussie books have an element of sun safety. They often reflect our culture of swimming , family holidays, surf living saving,  and being safe in the water. These are often not present in ‘beach’ themed picture books by authors in other countries. The ‘term’ seaside is a very good way to spot at ‘beach’ book from the UK! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 3.10.15 pm

We also discovered that to ‘teach’ about the Australian ‘beach’ life we would choose books with elements of sun/water safety, seagulls, rock pooling , sea creatures and summer family holidays.


After having great discussions about the themes that run through ‘beach’ themed books , we were able to ask Kylie questions about her work….and the one we all wanted the answer for….will there be another book with adventures of our favourite seagull ‘Chip’?!

We also discovered her inspirations around her writing and a sneak peak of her next project!

We had such a great time chatting at our  beach party. Thank you to everyone who joined us and our special guest Kylie Howarth!

To check out the whole chat head over to storify-

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We look forward to seeing you then!

Party with us and help us celebrate the awesomeness of Picture Books 🙂

– Nicola 🙂



It’s only 3 sleeps until we are off to the beach for our Spetember #picbookbc chat! We are very lucky to have Kylie Howarth as our special guest this month!

She has published 3 amazing ocean themed picture books: Fish Jam, Chip and 1, 2 Pirate Stew. Many of you will have come across the amazing cheeky seagull ‘Chip’ as Kylie’s beautiful book was shortlisted for a CBCA 2017 book award..


Kylie Howarth is an author and illustrator from Perth. She is an animal lover and was raised in the country. She shared her childhood with a dog, sheep, several orphaned kangaroos and one very cheeky echidna!

Have a close look at her illustrations as the  textures are created during her backyard art sessions with her two young sons!

Here are the chat questions for Thursday night…so get your thinking caps on!!!…or should that be swimming cap 😉

Q1. Which beach themed picture book would you put in your beach bag?! (Share a photo)

Q2. Do beach stories differ depending on the country? What makes an Aussie beach story?

Q3. Which picture books would you recommend for teaching about beach life?

Q.4 What similar themes have you noticed in ‘beach’ picture books?

There will also be plenty of time at the end to ask the super amazing Kylie Howarth your questions !

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday night at 8pm for another #Picbookbc Twitter chat! Grab your beach chair, floppy hat and don’t forget to Slip Slop Slap! 😉

If you haven’t joined one of our chats before and wondering how it works head on over to our Welcome to the #picbookbc Twitter chat post!

Nicola 🙂