The countdown had begun! Not long now until we are blasting into our June chat,  celebrating ‘Space’ themed picture books!! What a SPACETACULAR time we will have!!


Colorful Space Marketing Postcard (1) copy


We are super excited to be joined by an international guest this month, Michelle Robinson! Michelle is from the U.K and has just released an awesomely funny space themed picture book titled ‘Grandma from Mars’. Giggles galore to be had with this one!

Find out how Fred and Nell overcome the invasion by grandmas from Mars (and get their own grandma back!)


Michelle has written 27 published picture books !! Some of our favourites include Have you see my Giraffe?, Ten Fat Sausages,  How to wash a Wooly Mammoth and There’s a Lion in my Cornflakes! . 

So much awesomeness to choose from! Check our all her books because I know you would have come across them!

Michelle Robinson grew up in the English countryside in Gloucestershire and loved making up stories and being silly. After university Michelle got a job as a copywriter. She wrote over 6000 radio adverts before moving on to television and the web and devised websites for big brands like Coca-Cola, Guinness and Cadburys. She soon got bored though, which is when she started writing funny stories for children (hooray!!!!). You can find out more about Michelle and scroll through her many awesome picture books on her webpage.


Here are the chat questions for our spacetacular #picbookbc chat!

Q1. Choose a favourite ‘Space’ themed picture book. Share a pic.

Q2. Do you prefer factual space picture books, or pure fiction ones and why?


Q3. The International Space Station has a range of picture books on board. Which would you take for ‘story time in space’ and why?!

Q4.  Do you prefer the exciting adventures like rocket ships whirling around the sun or more calm bedtime stories about star gazing and why?

There will also be plenty of time at the end for Michelle to answer your questions so board your rocket and we will meet you on the Moon!!

We look forward to partying with you ‘picture book’ style on Thursday night the 7th of June at 8pm AEST for another #Picbookbc Twitter chat!

If you haven’t joined one of our chats before and wondering how it works head on over to our Welcome to the #picbookbc Twitter chat post!

Nicola  🙂



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