We had lots of fun talking the senses at our #picbookbc chat on Thursday 5th July with Tania McCartney!

five senses

Here are some of the great books that were shared and some highlights from the tantalising discussion we had.

Q1. What’s your favourite picture book that explores the senses? 

starI Hear a Pickle’ by Rachel Isadora

starThe Black Book of Colours by Menena Cottin & Rosana Faria

star The Eye Book by Dr Seuss

star You Can’t Taste a Pickle with Your Ear by Harriet Ziefert & Amanda Haley

star David Smells by David Shannon

star Reena’s Rainbow by Dee White & Tracie Grimwood

starMole’s Sunrise by Jeanne Willis & Sarah Fox-Davies.

starHow do I see? By Katie Daynes

starHorton Hears A Who by Dr Seuss

starThe Very Hungry Caterpiller

starHerman and Rosie by Gus Gordon

Our guest Tania McCartney shared some great classic senses books!



Q2. Does reading about the senses change your perspective on how you view things?

One common theme that came up in the answers was that reading about the senses helped people to be mindful and widen your perspective.



Q3. If you had to pick one, which of the five senses is most important to explore in picture books? Why?






And we talked about how different senses may be more interesting or important at different ages!



Q4. How can we use picture books to teach children about those who are without one or more of their senses?

The general consensus was that picture books provided us with a way to open up children’s imaginations to understanding and developing their empathy for those living without one or more of their senses.




At the end of the questions we had a sensational Q & A with Tania!



We hope you had as much fun as Tania and ourselves did and it’s always great to hear when you enjoy the chats and discussions!



Don’t forget to join us Thursday 2nd at 8pm to chat Nature picture books with Anna Walker!

wonderful copy


– Ashleigh

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