It is nearly time for our April #picbookbc chat! We are very excited to welcome Matt Shanks to our ‘eco- friendly’ picture book party!


Matt lives in Melbourne and worked as a Creative Designer for many years before realising the ‘watercolour hobby’ of his should be shared with us all!! (Horray for Matt!) .

His most recent Picture book, ‘Queen Celine’ has a wonderful environmental message . It reminds us what to remember to ensure our ecosystems remain healthy and thrive.

We meet Celine..who is an ordinary girl…until every now and then, she heads to the sea to be Queen of ‘her kingdom’.

I have to add that Celine is very much rockin’ her ‘royal attire’!!




Readers will join Celine on her reign as Queen…as she learns from her mistakes and takes steps to fix the problem . This will result in  ‘her’ rock pool being beautiful once more for everyone to enjoy.

Matt has written and illustrated many other wonderful books including some of my favourites Koala Bare and Eric the Postie! I encourage you to join his tribe and sign up to his newsletter . A superb way to have a sneaky peak of what he is working on! 🙂

image1 copy

Here are the chat questions for our Eco- Friendly April chat!

Q1. Share a favourite picture book with an ‘eco-friendly’ theme! Share a photo!

Q2. Do you think picture books with an environmental message are becoming more important and why?

Q3. Has a picture book inspired you to be more ‘eco- friendly ‘ or taught you a few tips!? Share the book with us and what you learnt!

Q4. If you were to write a Picture Book with an environmental message, what would you choose and why?


There will also be plenty of time at the end for Matt to answer your questions! Horray!!

We look forward to partying with you and celebrating everything ‘eco-friendly’ on Thursday night – 4th of April  at 8pm AEST ! (Remember this is QLD time, adjust accordingly!)

If you haven’t joined one of our chats before and wondering how it works head on over to our Welcome to the #picbookbc Twitter chat post!







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