We had lots of fun talking the senses at our #picbookbc chat on Thursday 5th July with Tania McCartney!

five senses

Here are some of the great books that were shared and some highlights from the tantalising discussion we had.

Q1. What’s your favourite picture book that explores the senses? 

starI Hear a Pickle’ by Rachel Isadora

starThe Black Book of Colours by Menena Cottin & Rosana Faria

star The Eye Book by Dr Seuss

star You Can’t Taste a Pickle with Your Ear by Harriet Ziefert & Amanda Haley

star David Smells by David Shannon

star Reena’s Rainbow by Dee White & Tracie Grimwood

starMole’s Sunrise by Jeanne Willis & Sarah Fox-Davies.

starHow do I see? By Katie Daynes

starHorton Hears A Who by Dr Seuss

starThe Very Hungry Caterpiller

starHerman and Rosie by Gus Gordon

Our guest Tania McCartney shared some great classic senses books!



Q2. Does reading about the senses change your perspective on how you view things?

One common theme that came up in the answers was that reading about the senses helped people to be mindful and widen your perspective.



Q3. If you had to pick one, which of the five senses is most important to explore in picture books? Why?






And we talked about how different senses may be more interesting or important at different ages!



Q4. How can we use picture books to teach children about those who are without one or more of their senses?

The general consensus was that picture books provided us with a way to open up children’s imaginations to understanding and developing their empathy for those living without one or more of their senses.




At the end of the questions we had a sensational Q & A with Tania!



We hope you had as much fun as Tania and ourselves did and it’s always great to hear when you enjoy the chats and discussions!



Don’t forget to join us Thursday 2nd at 8pm to chat Nature picture books with Anna Walker!

wonderful copy


– Ashleigh


We had a lot of fun the other night chatting all things Bears in picture books with Zanni Louise! From big scary grizzly bears to tiny cute teddy bears, we certainly got to see some of the range of different bears that appear in your favourite bear picture books!


1. Chose a favourite Bear from a Picture book! Share a pic!

Lots of Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear and Corduroy fans but there was plenty of variety from brown bears who play the piano to polar bears who live in the zoo too!


2. Considering real bears are wild and at times violent creatures why do you think most depictions of bears in books are sleepy, tame and/or cute?


3. Paddington Bear kept a Marmalade sandwich under his hat in case of emergencies.. what would you keep under your hat?!

It seems book lovers think a like because the common themes were food, tea, coffee, books and notepads with pens for things you’d carry in case of emergencies! Can’t argue with that logic!


4. Which do you prefer in picture books: Teddy bears or wild bears? Why?


Question time with Zanni Louise was a lot of fun and you guys had some great questions!




If you are already a fan of Errol! like us or you’re a sucker for a good picture book then make sure you’re at Zanni Louise and Philip Bunting’s Errol! Book Launch Saturday 2nd June from 4-5pm at Where the Wild Things Are Bookshop in West End, Brisbane! Full details can be found here.


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What a chat our March 1st Birthday was! If you missed it, we had the lovely Jackie French as our guest and our theme was Australian Animals. It was a very special 1st birthday chat and it was incredible to celebrate it with one of our biggest chats to date! Thank you to all our regulars and new participants for making it a chat to remember, we certainly had a lot of fun with it and we hope you did too!

And without further ado, here’s our wrap up post!




Q1. What is your favourite picture book featuring an Australian animal/s ?! Share a pic!


Q2. Why is it important to talk about endangered Australian animals and animal conservation in picture books?


Q3. Do you think Picture books with Australian Animals have worldwide appeal? Why?


Q4. If you could choose an Australian animal to be in your picture book, what would you choose and why?

We loved the diversity of Australian animals in the responses for this question! We couldn’t agree more that we’d love to see more bilbies, cockatoos, kookaburras, platypuses, quolls, quokkas and tassie devils in picture books! (But honestly, we’re happy with any picture book that celebrates our great Australian Animals!)


We had so many great questions for Jackie, from writing to wombats and we certainly learned a lot from Jackie’s responses!


After the fun we had with the wormoff last time, this time we had a bit of a wombatoff!



Our next chat is Thursday 5th of April 8pm AEST with special guest Damon Young joining us again to celebrate the soon to be released My Mum is a Magician! We hope you can join us!

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March Wrap up!

Last Thursday night was the launch of our first #picbookbc chat on twitter and what a chat it was! We were blown away by your support and excitement and loved sharing the experience of our first chat with so many passionate picture book lovers and hearing all your insightful comments on Aussie picture books. I’m sure those who took part will agree that their list of picture books to read has grown thanks to the chat! For those that missed it, our first chat was on the theme ‘Aussie’ picture books and featured our guest author Damon Young , author of ‘My Brother is a Beast’.

We shared our earliest memories of Australian picture books and the authors that stood out in our memory from our childhood. Lots of fond memories of stories read with parents and time spent pouring over picture books from the library and our own collections. Popular choices were books by Mem Fox – Possum Magic, May Gibbs – Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, and Alison Lester – Magic Beach. Other popular choices were the classic Little Golden Books and Blinky Bill books by Dorothy Wall.

It was a struggle to narrow down our favourite authors and picture books as we all realised that we’re certainly blessed with a diverse range of Australian picture books that not only capture the Australian way of life but also our unique flora, fauna and style. What we loved about our favourites were their different styles of illustrations such as Jeannie Baker’s use of mix-media collages, the way they told their stories, the way they made us feel and the rhyme & rhythm of the words. These were also the elements we believed made up a good picture book. How surprising, right?


But what makes an Australian picture book unique? According to our participants, it’s about our people, fauna, flora, indigenous culture, humour and world view among other things. Our land and culture gives us a unique view point and landscape to share and this is evident in the illustrations and stories of our picture books whether it’s directly about Australia or not.

Although people often talk about what the future of the physical book being bleak and if it’ll be taken over by technology and electronic versions, the #picbookbc community feels strongly that the Australian picture book industry is here to stay whilst embracing the advantages of technology. The sharing of a physical picture book creates a tangible connection and experience for users that can’t be replicated with technology. However as highlighted in the chat, technology can be used to share these experiences with those we previously couldn’t. Technology allow us to share and read picture books over video chat or interact with stories through things like Tumble Book Library. It is also changing the diversity of content of our picture books.

The last part of our chat was question time with Damon Young! It’s certainly an interesting and rewarding experience learning about how illustrators and authors meet, why they write and where the ideas for their picture books come from. The inspiration for Damon’s book ‘My Sister is a Superhero‘ came from his desire to share superhero stories with his daughter but found these were few and far between for younger audiences, so he decided to write his own!

This was just a snap up of the chat and the great ideas shared on the theme. I encourage you to check out the rest of the chat particularly the question time with Damon Young as it was impossible to share all the great questions and answers we had! For the full chat check out Storify: https://storify.com/picturebookbc/aussie-picture-books-picbookbc

Our next chat will be Thursday 6th April at 8pm AEST. If you haven’t already read our welcome post on how the chat works so you can join in on the fun next time! Stay tuned for details of our next theme and guest by subscribing to the blog and following us on Twitter at @picturebookbc!

We look forward to seeing you then!

– Ashleigh

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